Characteristics of Gamma Zenith Products:

•   Suitable for interior and exterior applications to      walls and ceilings.

•   Ideal for coastal areas and polluted      atmospheres.

•   Totally colour fast.

•   Ultra-violet resistant.

•   Totally water-resistant.

•   Impervious to mould and fungi.

•   Washable with household detergents.

•   Can be applied to any surface.

•   Allows walls to breathe.

•   Permanent elasticity
(0.5mm per 10cm of coating).

•   No cracking, peeling or flaking.

•   Covers cracks.

•   Economical application by semi-skilled labour.

•   Lowest fire rating.

•   Body through colour.

•   All textures in any colour.

•   National and international distribution.

•   10 year guarantee.

•   Made in South Africa from local materials.

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