This division offers a range of high performance structural adhesives for bonding stainless steel, ceramic products, wood, bricks, tiles, glass, and other building products. It forms part of a comprehensive range of solvent free adhesive for a variety of applications.

Included in the range is a general-purpose liquid adhesive, a thixotropic quickset adhesive, a wet to dry concrete liquid adhesive, structural adhesive, an epoxy putty and a flexible under water curing-epoxy putty and liquid.


Thixotropic quickset adhesive is a quick-setting, trowel consistency adhesive used for bonding metal and metal alloys, concrete and stone, ceramic metals, wood, fibre glass and most other building materials. It is particularly useful for bonding ceramic tiles and steel objects to concrete in industries where shutdown periods are short.

GAMMA ZENITH INDUSTRIALS’ flexible underwater curing epoxy putty and liquid is unique in that it bonds onto wet surfaces and is capable of curing at low temperatures, completely submerged under water. It comes in either a liquid or putty form and is used for the coating of damp surfaces and the sealing of cracked concrete in structures such as reservoirs, tunnels, canals, dams and swimming pools.

In food processing plants, under wet operating conditions, it is useful for repairing damaged floors and as an adhesive for bonding tiles, or steel to concrete

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